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The KPO Alliance is a working group of thought leaders united in their efforts to further leadership and collaboration within the KPO industry. Through this strategic alliance, we will share industry updates and best practices to maximize the effectiveness of KPOs in India.

Why the KPO India Alliance

The Alliance aims to promote India as the preferred global outsourcing destination by highlighting the benefits of outsourcing, such as:

  • Access to a highly skilled and educated workforce
  • Cost-effectiveness, which can result in significant cost savings for companies
  • Excellent infrastructure, including robust telecommunications and internet connectivity
  • A large pool of English-speaking professionals
  • A stable political and economic environment

The KPO Alliance will also work to improve the overall outsourcing experience by implementing best practices and standards. This will ensure that stakeholders will receive high-quality services and can rely on a consistent level of service from Indian KPO providers.


The mission of the KPO Alliance is to explore leadership issues facing the industry and develop and share solutions that benefit its stakeholders. KPO Alliance members support each member’s growth and collaborate to progress the industry in a positive direction.


To create an eco-system for industry development by inspiring positive change in current and future leaders. Through collaboration, we will develop, recognize and contribute to the forward progress of the KPO industry.


Benefits of KPO India Alliance Membership

Policy Advisory
Monthly Group Meetings
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